Soffit vents are an excellent feature, which can help improve the ventilation in your home. The vents are typically long and narrow, and are installed in such a way that they extend the entire length of the soffit on a building. They mostly come in a width of 4 inches and length of 8 feet. The vents installed on the underside of the roof eaves, either in the middle or on the outer edge. Below are 6 advantages of these vents.
Advantage 1—Versatility
Although most suitable for narrow roof eaves, you can use continuous vents on various architectural styles with equally good results. The vents are compatible with a wide range of exhaust ventilators. When properly installed, this gives your attic a well-balanced ventilation system.
Advantage 2—High Efficiency
Continuous soffits provide optimum intake of air along the eaves. Cooler air from the outside enters in through the continuous vents to replace the warm air inside. This helps to lower temperatures in the attic during hot weather and to expel humid air in the winter.
Advantage 3—Protection Against Moisture
The vents incorporate a special louver pattern that helps to create a gentle turbulence that keeps snow and rain away from ceiling insulation, roof boards, and shingles. Roof sheathing is kept well-ventilated and dry. This gives the roof section of your house higher resistance to moisture and helps to preserve the integrity of the roofing structure.
Advantage 4—Energy Efficiency
The attic can get unbearably hot and stuffy, especially during hot weather. This heat leaks into the living areas of the house and increases the demand on the air conditioner. Ultimately, this increases your energy costs.
Advantage 5—Protection Against Mold
Mold is more likely to develop in areas of the home that are poorly ventilated. Frost and condensation along the eaves of the roof encourage mold to develop in the attic. Continuous soffits help reduce the likelihood of mold problems, which helps to maintain your house in good condition for longer.
Advantage 6—Protection for Your Home
Extreme temperatures and moisture easily damage roofing structures. Soffit vents help improve ventilation and extend the life of roofing materials.



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