Insulation Summer Special

The US Department of Energy recommends a minimum of R -30 Value on your attic floor to keep heat out of your home.  Depending on the manufacturer, this is usually around 12 inches of blown in fiberglass, cotton or cellulose Insulation.  In The Texas Gulf Coast region we suggest installing a min of 14 to 16 inches to give you an R -38 value. This makes for a more comfortable home.


We are offering a special through the end of the summer.

$1.00 per foot  R-30 Value Blown In Insulation

$1.50 per foot R -38 Value Blown In Cotton Insulation

We do not recommend taking out old insulation unless there are water damage or mold issues or there are air spaces in your home where old dilapidated fibers can become airborne.  Most every company out there will over state the number of square feet in your attic, and try to oversell you on installation and removal so they can line their pockets.  We see it everyday.  We will not ever do that.  We can inspect your attic, for FREE, and make recommendations for improvement based upon what you actually need, and not what we can sell you.

If you are trying to stop heat from getting through the walls of your home that are in an attic, than you must use Bat and/or Foam Board insulation.   Most everyone has some type of insulation on the attic floor but very few have the walls lined properly which causes bills to be very high in the summer.

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